6 Big HR Headaches for Small Business—Cured

Quick question: Who, in a typical company, knows every person in the office? Chances are, the person you thought of works in Human Resources (HR). Even in the largest organizations, the HR department is responsible for the personal well-being and professional success of everyone who works there.

Your company may not have the luxury of a dedicated HR department. In fact, as a small business owner, you probably wear many different hats: CEO, sales director, marketing guru, and, yes, human resources manager. This comes down to necessity—when you’re building a business from scratch there often isn’t the budget to hire someone for each of these roles. The problem is that, for many business owners, people management becomes an afterthought, taking a back seat to the primary goal of ‘getting s$!$* done.’ Or, if you don’t have any expertise in HR, you may not know where to start. As a result, the task of managing your company’s greatest asset becomes a challenging, and potentially overwhelming, aspect of growing the business.

The good news is that with a little planning, and the right organizational tools, you can eliminate much of this pain and demonstrate your commitment to effective human capital management. Let’s look at six of the most common HR challenges your small business is up against today, and how Evernote can help you minimize potential issues in the future.

Written by Pham Khoi
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